dimecres, 21 de setembre de 2011

Urban fringe agriculture in the developing countries

While in Europe and the first world the peri-urban agriculture is used for more things that to produce food, keep the territory, soil, water, biodiversity and preserve the landscape in the developing countries the aim of urban fringe agriculture is nourishing people .
Which are the urban agriculture benefits?
The first benefit is the food production, the fresh vegetables and fruits are consumed by the farmer and his/her family and the excess are sold in the local market.
The second benefit is that urban people have more availability to consume fresh food, because this is produced near the cities (safety food).
The third benefit, the urban or urban fringe famers are poor people or excluded people (IADS/ VIH, ...) and they found their main source of income with the agriculture.
According with the FAO (1999) around 800 million of people around the world have income from urban or periurban agriculture.
There are countries like Namibia or Mexico for example that they have programs to promote the periurban agriculture:

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