dijous, 1 de setembre de 2011

Proposal of agricultural recovery in Betlem Valley (Badalona -Spain)

Betlem Valley is a valley located in la Serralada de Marina (Municipality of Badalona), which was cultivated until the 70’s of the XX century. The valley became a doubtful land with expectations, where was carrying out unauthorized activities and uses.
Currently the studied area is a recreational area for citizens of Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet, attracted by the open spaces and the presence of Sant Jeroni Monestry.
This work is a proposal for the agricultural recovery in the valley, trying to reconcile farming with the others values of the zone (natural, cultural and social). The scenario I expects to recover 61,9933 ha., while the scenario II expects to recover 48,0420 ha.
In the cost-benefits analysis of proposals were considered or not the opportunity cost under the private point of view. If we consider the oppurtunity cost, the grapes selling price must be from 812,00 €/ kg for the scenario I and 1.047,5 €/ kg for the scenario II, to obtain benefits. With out considering the opportunity the price of the grapes must be from 0,59 €/ kg (scenario I) and 0,62 €/ kg (scenario II).
The agriculture recovery could be compatible with the Metropolitan Territorial Plan but hardly with other urbans planning in the zone.
The scenario II is the most compatible with the zone values.

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