dimecres, 27 de març de 2013

Butterflies' garden

The last 17th of March, I have collaborated in the implementation of Butterflies garden in Badalona (Catalonia, Spain).
This garden is located in Ca l'Arnús Park. Ca l'Arnús is one the most important parks
 in Badalona.  This park was created in the last decades of the XIX century as a private garden and it has been opened to citizenship in April 2007. It is a romantic garden with channels, a tower and orchards to produce fruits and vegetables to the landowner and workers. The romantic garden has been preserved until nowadays and the orchards has been become dry meadows (In my opinion they could be recovered as community or allotment gardens).

With the butterflies' garden, we can achieve goals similar to those of urban agriculture.

  • Increase the biodiversity: plants and animals (insects in this case).
  • Social interaction, between people who participated in the plantation and people who will attend to workshops.
  • Leisure, butterflies watching.
  • Educational, the garden can be an example to teach and understand the life cycle of the butterflies and insects.

Thank you to Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Ajuntament de Badalona and Aloc association (especially to Dr Fernando Carceller, alma mater of this project).

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