dimarts, 14 de juliol de 2015

Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society

El prop mes de setembre participem (l'Oscar Alfranca, en Luis Maldonado i jo) a la segona conferència Internacional sobre agricultura en una societat urbanitzada. Aquesta conferència es durà a terme Roma.

Us adjunto el títol i el abstract del treball que presentem.

"Urban farms adaptation to citizens - The case of Alella wine region within Barcelona Metropolitan Region.

Urban agriculture plays an important role to keep urban fringe areas. Agriculture does not only produce agricultural goods but also non-market agricultural goods. Thus, it is important to preserve agricultural activities and to keep farmers in these urban fringe areas. Cities can be an opportunity for farmers offering products and services that citizens demand and no longer be understood only as a threat to agricultural activities.
The object of this work is to analyse whether the wineries of the Protected Designation of Origin Alella, within Barcelona Metropolitan Region (Catalonia, Spain), have adapted their business model to the proximity of cities/citizens and to know what ecosystem services are involved in the offer. The semi-structured survey form used for the study has been agreed by the European project COST Action TD 1106 Urban Agriculture Europe."

Can Brosa - Tiana

Us adjunto el link de la conferència: http://www.agricultureinanurbanizingsociety.com/.

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