diumenge, 14 de juny de 2015

Farmers Market in Barcelona

The last saturday 13 th of June, was opened a new farmers in market in Barcelona.

This event is organized by Slow Food Barcelona and its goal is that citizens can acquire good, healthy, local and just food.

Farmers Market

The sellers are farmers (fruits, vegetables, cereals , legumes,  ...); bee-keepers and small food producers (bread, cheese, jams, sausages, meat, flour...).

This market is open every month, each second saturday and it is located in Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies (Barcelona).

This bottom-up initiative is a good model to promote and protect our small food producers and also it is an opportunity to make known our foodstuffs.

Thank you, my best wishes with this initiative ... but this initiative could be extended to other cities and the market should be weekly as our buy of fresh food.

dijous, 4 de juny de 2015

Urban Agriculture Typologies in Barcelona Metropolitan Region (Catalonia, Spain)

The European project "Cost Action TD 1106 Urban Agriculture Europe" put us a homework: to reflect different projects of Urban Agriculture in an Atlas. These projects encompass since family gardens (the gardeners cultivate their own food in their balconies, terraces, gardens, patios, backyards) until farm holdings that they have included in their business model the proximity with the cities or the citizens.

Food Farm - Can Brossa - Tiana

Oscar, Giulia and me have uploaded various urban agriculture projects in Barcelona Metropolitan Region. It is not an exhaustive list of projects but it is representative of this diverse phenomenon called "Urban Agriculture" in Barcelona.


Community Garden - Pla Buits - Barcelona - Espai Germanetes 
Allotment Garden - Sant Adrià del Besòs
Despite this great diversity and the number of people involved in urban farming projects (gardeners, farmers, citizens and consumers), Urban Agriculture is not included in the political agenda yet.

Squat Garden - Barcelona
Educational Garden - Ca l'Arnús - Badalona
Social and Food Farm - la Klosca - Mataró