dimarts, 13 de gener de 2015

Urban Agriculture in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The 21th – 24th of October, I attended to a training School in Ljubljana. The training School was organized by The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. This training school is included in the COST Action Urban Agriculture Europe and COST Action Urban Allotment Gardens.

During these days, we addressed issues related to:
Organic production
Environmental aspects of urban food production (water and soils).
Social aspects of urban food production
Economical aspects of urban food production
Designing Planning Processes for Urban Food Production

We visited different examples of urban and peri – urban agriculture located in Ljubljana:

Krakovo gardens:

Historical orchards located in the historical center of Ljubljana, they provided food to the food market. They are protected by historical reasons.

Gradaščica Guerrilla Gardens:

These gardens are located in undeveloped urban plots

Peri-Urban Agriculture in Savlje area:

We visited two farms. One them they produce vegetables a large variety of vegetables

and the other they have organic dairy cows and produce cheeses and also they grow cereals and produce different types of flours (wheat, triticale, rye ...).

Private Allotment Gardens in Savlje area: