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Urban allotment gardens complaint

An important newspaper in Catalonia has published a letter to editor related to urban allotment gardens Letter to editor (It is in Catalan).
Can Mestres Allotment garden - Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

The author complains that Barcelona city allotment gardens only accepted retired users (more than 65 years old). This role is discriminatory for citizens with less of 65 years old.

Polish allotment garden (Warsaw, Poland)

I had an interesting conversation about this topic with Miguel. He is working in Cascais Municipality (Portugal). He has the opinion that city allotment garden should be diverse as the society, not a ghetto for retired people or people with risk of social exclusion.

In my opinion these city allotment garden should be opened to retired people, of course, but young people, families, single parent families, immigrants and people with risk of social exclusion too.

Private allotment garden (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
I know a case of city allotment garden that it is opened to all society. This urban allotment garden is located in Tiana (Catalonia, Spain).

Tiana Allotment garden - Tiana (Catalonia, Spain)
I am sure that Barcelona city council only offers places for retired citizens, because Barcelona is a dense city with scarce number of places for urban allotment gardens localitation. 

If demand of urban allotment garden increase, the city councils  will change their roles.

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